Preface from "Southern Sudan and its Fight for Freedom"


By Santino Fardol



Cover Art - Preface from "Southern Sudan and its Fight for Freedom"The war in Sudan has worsened and continues to do so at an alarming rate. As we watch the news on our TV screens or simply read the newspapers as we have done for the past 22 years in Darfur, Eastern Sudan, we are increasingly aware of the genocides of the people in Southern Sudan and other marginalised areas.


Slavery and holy war have been declared against the south. Millions have been killed or displaced to different parts of the world. Others have suffered humiliation, living in the worst human conditions in shantytowns around Khartoum and other northern major cities.


From day to day we fear that many more are going to become victims in the air raids carried out by government warplanes or militants loyal to the government. Indeed, our country is being destroyed and torn apart by those in the north claiming to be Arabs, and their successive governments.


As mistreated and humiliated citizens, we have responded for many years with political dialogue in order to settle our differences. We have tried peaceful means but failed to attain our goals (self-determination). We have also acted militarily (wars) and paid a heavy price. It is now time to put an end to the suffering of our people once and for all, and this is what this book is about.


The aim of this book is to explain to the loyal citizens of Southern Sudan the importance of voting “yes” to the separation of the south in the referendum, and saying no to a unified Sudan an old objective that has been the desire of our people for centuries.

It also endeavours to dispel any misunderstandings about the unity of the south, which certain politicians and ordinary people in south have somewhat miscalculated.

Southerners, and the whole world, need to know and understand why voting in the referendum for the separation of Southern Sudan is so crucial.


To give an accurate answer to this question, one would need to review some historical events that have played a significant role in Sudanese problems today.

As some writers have already put it, many agreements and promises have been broken or dishonoured by successive governments in Khartoum. Millions of southerners have been killed and buried in mass graves, displaced or taken captive as slaves, not to mention endured many other kinds of human sufferings such as the elimination or assassination of southern leaders (politicians who did not agree with these regimes).


This book also aims to explain to our people how well off we will be without the north if we all choose separation.


Study carefully the six reasons why we must obtain an independent Southern Sudan.




(Published with permission from author.)